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What is Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Dent Repair(PDR)?

PDR is the process of restoring a cars steel body panels back to it's original condition by precisely applying pressure, with a tool, from behind the panel or by using the Glue pulling method and pulling the steel back to its original position, without the need for cutting, welding, sanding, filling or painting and the greatest part is that you retain the cars original finish! No colour mismatches, no waste, no toxic fumes and the best part no huge repair bills! Paintless dent repair is a good choice for non-collision related, minor damages that vehicles experience with everyday use.  In most cases PDR can be carried out at a fraction of the cost of a conventional repair and the best part in most cases repairs take hours and not days.

Why should I choose PDR rather than a conventional Smash Repairer?

PDR is the preferred method of repair for insurance companies, Car dealerships and Car owners across the world. As we are restoring the manufacturers original finish the PDR method is very environmentally friendly as no repainting is required. Not only do you save money, you also save time, with the majority of repairs taking less than an hour, depending on the dent and its location and being mobile we can come to you! When purchasing a vehicle many people choose to have the vehicle independently inspected. When the inspection is carried out on the vehicle it is quite thorough, with one element of the inspection involving a measure of the thickness of the paint on the vehicle. The results are measured microns and are very precise in giving an indication of whether the vehicle has had additional paint work, other than factory, carried out. When the results of the test come back you find yourself wondering, why was the car painted? Was it in a smash? How bad was it? Is the vehicle safe? Do I really want to buy this car now? Now put the shoe on the other foot and imagine you are trying to sell this same car, it's not as attractive to the future owner is it? Using the PDR method you retain the original finish so there are no troubles when it's time to sell!

What sorts of dents can be fixed?

The main benefit of PDR is that the original manufacturers finish is retained, so if the paint is missing or has been scratched, chipped and cracked in most cases we will recommend that it be conventionally repaired. In some cases the damage to the paint surface is superficial and may be able to be rectified and result in a successful repair. PDR is a very niche market and a successful repair depends on 4 factors:-

*Sharpness or depth of the dent,

*Its location

*Whether the dent can be accessed (with a tool) and

*The colour of the paint.

Before attempting a repair we will do our best to explain what the end result will be and if we have reservations about the results we will achieve we will let them be known before we begin the repair so you know what  the outcome will be.

Why should I choose Phantom Dent Removal?

With over 10 years in the industry and specialising in luxury cars there is no reason why you shouldn't choose us for you Paintless Dent Repair. The PDR industry is like any other industry in that there are good and bad Technicians. The reason I chose the name Phantom as our company name is that PDR really is a 'Phantom Sport'. When the job is done properly its like the dent was never there and you cannot see any signs of the repair. Many times we have done work for new clients who have previously used other so called PDR technicians and many have been lost for words when they look at the finished result with most saying "Its gone, the dent is actually gone". Quality and cost go hand in hand in this industry, 'you get what you pay for' really is the truth when it comes to PDR. Many times I have arrived at a job and we find that the dent may have been previously attempted by another technician, in most cases we refuse to work on the vehicle as often the attempted repair and damage inflicted on the dent by the previous repairer cannot be reversed and will result in a costly conventional repair, so saving a few dollars and taking a short cut can often result in you reaching further into your pockets.